Mong Mong Sho


“ My painting series the Song of Fisherman is not just only a painting. It is my authentic life journey. It contains all of my beautiful childhood memories and the land and sea where I spent a significant period of my life. I have seen the rise and fall of life. As I grew up in a costal area I saw very closely the story of life of the fishermen. i tried to adapt that story through my painting series. But right now I’m trying to attempt in order to highlight my current position in this pandemic in my artworks. Trying to break my style according to the covid-19 experience. World has been changed now. The time is not like I had planned before. That’s why in the lockdown period I’ve got a new perception and expressed myself as a boat what I usually drew. The boat is a metaphor of myself. Eventually it tells that the fisherboat is now in the middle of the mountains, up from the sea level, close to the clouds which is not supposed to be normal. Similarly I’ve stuck in the mountains area called Bandarban hill track for whole pandemic time, which is not supposed to be happened. I suppose to be in China, my work area as usual. Boat followed where I have anchored.

Moreover the vibrant and greenish hue of this painting represents the revival of nature getting rid of pollution in this pandemic “ ..

Art Work: Songs of COVID-19 (pandemic period)