Md Tokon

New York

This pandemic teaches us that everything is nothing and nothing is everything. So let the light play and dance in the dark; Let me go close to nature and feel the light. Let my canvas communicate the feel in a mysterious way.

To see the series is to walk into a mindscape full of sad memories and experiences but there is joy at the end. The work I produced in these troubling times shares similarities with lyrics and poems which are simple, pure, and organic. The results are highly meditative, emotional & sensational. It cannot be grasped at a glance; it required an active engagement. It also conveys an insight into life and a spiritual attachment.

When I am truly experiencing a surprise or am in touch with myself, I can begin to touch others through my work and see how powerfully they connect to the viewers.

Art Work: The light is coming

Title: The light is coming.

(Sitting in moonlight alone;

Came back to the forest;

Went to the Ocean;

Back to the forest again.)

Size: 72 H x 224 W Inches / 183 H x 569 W Centimeter.

Media: Acrylic on Canvas

Year: 2020