Kamrun Samadi


My Quilt is a display of hope that was started by the children and families in Italy to sort of speak to each other across the alleyways across the street to be able to make rainbows and under the rainbow they wrote ‘Everything will be alright’. And I have taken this as my theme of the Quilt of Hope.

In this Quilt I tried to capture our daily life and the time of uncertainty of the Pandemic.

I have used Black Binding in my quilt to represent the time and for Borders I used various colour fabric to make a friendship pattern to show that we are all together in this.

On the main panel I have used present and previous Pandemics photographs, I have stitched some words and phrases which are floating around us and have become very common in these days of Pandemic.

Being an optimistic artist in every stitch of my Quilt I felt there was hope somewhere in this challenging time. We are in this together and everything will be alright.

Art Work: Quilt of Hope

Title of the work : Quilt of Hope

Year : 2020

Medium :Fabric quilt

Dimension: 38 inch / 50 inch