Future of Hope –

during pandemic

creative transmission

Due to the Covid-19 pandemic, we are currently undergoing extraordinary circumstances, which are imprinting us with a feeling of uncertainty, fear and hopelessness. However, this is not the first time the planet is faced with a pandemic.

Meanwhile, the Durjoy Bangladesh Foundation gladly announces its latest project, future of Hope. Creative Transmission During Pandemic.

Over a period of 10 weeks DBF will be hosting and supporting an exchange experience between artists and scholars from Bangladesh. A mix of carefully chosen Diaspora and Indigenous artists has been invited to join, alongside with two major academics from Bangladesh. In this art workshop the group of nine participating artists will engage in cross functional dialogues and produce artworks based on the current challenges. The process, which, in compliance with the isolation measures, allows each artist to work from home, will be overseen by the professors Syed Manzoorul Islam and Shishir Bhattacharjee, who will act as counsellor and mentor, respectively.

During the distance workshop the artists are asked to choose from any section of history or literature an episode that references a pandemic or a similar situation to the one we are living now. It may be a location, a character or a true witness, for example — a source of inspiration for artistic expression. Each artist is invited to engage the subject in his or her own artistic language and perspective.

The Founder of DBF, Durjoy Rahman, explains that, while working from different places, the artists are encouraged to academically and artistically engage with each other and to transmit feelings in spite of the distance during lockdown.

As a result of this project the participating artists will produce artworks either in conventional or alternative media, which are intended to be exhibited to the public at an international location, depending on the global social distancing rules at the time. The artworks produced will remain the artist’s property and only temporarily loaned for the period of public display. A publication on the project is also foreseen.

Referencing Pandora’s box myth, according to which Pandora releases all evil sentiments from a jar, leaving HOPE trapped inside it and thus prevents humanity of hopefulness, DBF’s future of Hope workshop addresses the essence of human beings. Regardless of technological advances, the human race has been facing similar problems over its history and been moved by the same sentiments. And in the very same way, we continue to strive for victory in the face of defeat. With future of Hope DBF hopes to encourage once more the preservation of life and perseverance as a uniting tool.

Bipasha Hayat – Brooklyn, USA
Hlubaishu Chowdhuri – Khagrachari, Bangladesh
Imtiaj Shohag – Paris, France
Joy Deb Roaja – Khagrachari, Bangladesh
Kamrun Samadi – Vancouver, Canada
Mong Mong Sho – Bandarban, Bangladesh
Md Tokon – New York, USA
Sujan Chowdhury – Vancouver, Canada
Zakir Us Salam – Tokyo, Japan
June 21, 2020