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Nebula Collective meets DurjoyBangladesh Foundation in exceptional collaboration:


On 29th of December 2020 at 17 Hours .

It will see the special collaboration with DurjoyBangladesh foundation, art organization with offices based in Dhaka and Berlin that hpromotes art and artist from South Asia and Nebula Collective from Italy a music collective .


The word culture defines the arts and other manifestations of human intellectual achievement collectively intended. In this definition stands firmly the role of Culture for human heritage. Culture creates questions and helps in finding answers. Culture creates awareness and hopefully freedom. Culture must be nurtured and promoted on behalf of future generations. Durjoy Bangladesh Foundation, promoting art and artist from South Asia meets Nebula Collective, promoting iconic venues and socially sensible topics through music. Cosmic dj sets give breath and life to cultural venues now closed due to Covid-19. A cloud of sounds will come and go without leaving any trace except for the message Nebula Collective is promoting: dropping instant emotions as art can do and then dissolving itself. Nothing can be forever, only emotions can live endlessly in your soul. This is the power of art. This is the power of music. This is the power of culture.

The collaboration among Durjoy Bangladesh Foundation and Nebula collective happens through ‘Future of Hope’ online art exhibition hosted by Durjoy Bangladesh Foundation, which displays Bangladeshi artists asked with finding a way forward in the face of the pandemic. Art and culture are tools to evaluate and analyze the present times.

DBF‘s collective of Artists reflects and analyzes the challenges and uncertainties of the pandemic, aiming to offer a sense of optimism and hope for the future that awaits us through art.

Nebula wants to do the same through music, which is also a form of art but, unlike painting and sculpture, not material. Through music, vibrations, pulsations, sounds spread in the air, in the atmosphere, in the cosmos, in space… concretely in the material nothingness, in the nothingness unknown to us.

Oscillating between virtual and physical realms, Nebula Collective dj sets , hosted in iconic cultural venues, will work focused on the physicality of the vinyls / music instruments and the potential virtuality of the mind. Vibrating in a sort of day zero atmosphere we will call through the power of music the hope which humanity is now claiming.
December 19, 2020